Pedal for Progress – A fundraising alleycat for Third Wave Fund.

IMG_2240 (1)

Yesterday Kathryn organized an alleycat that aimed to raise funds for the gender justice non-profit, Third Wave Fund. As defined by Third Wave’s site, Gender Justice is a movement to end patriarchy, transphobia, and homophobia and to create a world free from misogyny.

The goal for Pedal for Progress wasn’t only to help contribute to the growth of a more inclusive community, cycling and otherwise, but to also help educate and highlight several key issues that contribute to gender inequality and misogyny. Riders were sent all around downtown Raleigh in a type of scavenger hunt, having to complete challenges that related to the International Women’s Day 2018 campaign theme, #pressforprogress.

We sincerely thank all who participated in yesterday’s events. We raised $1500 for Third Wave Fund! A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and volunteers, and a massive round of applause to Kathryn for her work in making the event happen!

But don’t stop there, you can contribute more to Third Wave Fund at anytime as well as other great, similar organizations such as your local Planned Parenthood (Check out the Ride for Choice), the LGBT Center of Raleigh, among others.

All photos by Eamon Queeney. Poster and bottle design by Claire Shadomy.

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